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Toolbelt Theory


What does the tool belt theory mean to me!!

The tool belt theory is all about gathering the programs, information and skills needed to be able to teach those programs. what I’m trying to say here is that for every program you master you add it into your tool belt so that when you teach students you can provide them with the right programs or back up programs that they need to complete a task (please click on the link I have set up in my links page for a better understanding of what I am trying to say). I believe that this theory helps the teachers stay in front of technology and it also helps the students to learn the technology so when they leave school they will have some idea of what tools they can use when they are in the workforce. This ultimately makes a student and teachers more confident with new technology.


Technological Skills


My very first contact with technology was when I was in year seven, my first year at High School.   My task back then was to put a set of commands into the computer to make a turtle on the screen draw a simple pattern, oh how things have changed. After my brief introduction to computers I later went on to a basic computer skills course at TAFE. I then studied HTML at the University of New England  in Armidale NSW and from that moment on I  began to want to learn more about  computer technology or ICT as it is known today. I am very fluent in Microsoft Word, Spreadsheets, Databases and Excel. One of my hobbies is in community radio where I have learn’t to effectivally use their music playout broadcasting programs namely (Zara and Raduga.) These clever little programs are used to allow us to produce and present live to air radio programs including streaming to the world via the internet. Recently I have played a part in an uplink program we have put together that connects five community radio stations consectivally from Dalby in Queensland down the New England Highway and all the way out to Dunnedoo in central NSW again, via the internet, this over night program is known as “Highway 15”. Even though I have progressed with my knowledge of  ICT’s I feel I still have a long way to go.