Postmans Five


Number 1: Technology is always trade-off                                                               I feel that you need to upgrade your technology or be left behind. I am still using old technology and sometimes I feel like an odd bod because I don’t have a “smart Phone or an Ipad or on Facebook”. This is not a nice feeling.

Number 2: Technology creates winners and losers

Winners – Tend to be the upper-class people who can afford to go out and buy the latest technologies.                                                                                   Losers – Tend to be the lower class people who cannot afford the latest in technological trends.

Number 3: There is a powerful idea embedded in every technology                I have two different views on this statement the first is that every ICT produced is made for the good of man to help them go about their daily routines easier and to be more productive, however the other view is company’s only produce these technologies as a money spinner you be the judge.

Number 4: Technology is ecological, not additive                                                We have become a technology driven society information needs to be accessed from wherever we are in our community making us impatient and lacking tolerance. I believe technology is addictive especially when you see children glued to a computer screen or a DS this is not a good thing.

#5: Technology tends to become mythic                                                               The Internet has become gospel everything on it must be true or people wouldn’t put it there. If people are to use the Net then they should be able to source truthful information.

I found postmans five really interesting


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