Declarative and Contstructing Knowledge


I didn’t realise that their were so many different types of knowledge the two I will look at today are Declarative and Constructing Knowledge.

Declarative Knowledge is knowledge of knowing something exists fro example that parliment house is in Canberra or Sydney has an opera house. I am not sure where this type of knowledge comes from but to me it seems as if this knowledge comes from prior learning and has just been accepted as true and correct even if you havn’t visited these places. This is a very interesting topic and I would like to delve into it further. The other type of knowledge is Constructing Knowledge.

Constructing Knowledge is where students explore problems while under the guidence of their teacher. During their inquiries students then develop a new pattern of thinking. I think this type of knowledge would work well with Procedural Knowledge as the students can really get down to how things function. What do you think?


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