Technology Rich Learning Expereinces


When used wisely in the classroom, technology can promote higher-order thinking, deep learning, collaboration, interactivity, and student engagement. Teachers who are integrating technology with best practices wish to improve learning in all content areas and to help students create authentic work as they collaborate with peers and experts. Teachers may also address how to avoid the pitfalls of technology rich environments as information overload bombards our studetns and plagiarism dominates. Before they start a lesson they may also address the downside of social media including bullying, and how technology can be a distraction from learning. both in and outside school. To create a rich classroom students also need to be involved in research projects and they need to feel like they are part of the department. Teachers also need to infuse their teaching practices with values and they need to design curricula in a holistic and coherent way that maps students experiences. 

Rich Learning


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