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Proffesional Expereince


I have really enjoyed my prac, it has been a lot of hard work but I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I am really going to enjoy teaching, Thank you to everyone who has helped. I have learned so much in the past three weeks but those lessons will remain with me forever. once again thank you for the opportunity.




ConnectED is a website run by the ACMA Australian communications media authority. This site allows stuents to participate in a cybersafety program where children can learn to be safe while on the internet. It helps children understand that eventhough they are in their own home or in school and using the internet they may have other people watching and asking them personal questions. this is a great site and in this time of technology is a must for every child and adult. so please login to the website and participate in the activities, when you have completed the activties you are provided with a cybersafety certificate.

TIP Model


The TIP model defines how you would integrate technology into school it disusses the steps you need to sucessfully use an ICT in your lesson plans.

step 1 is to consider the advantages – how can an ICT help students learn.

step 2 is to look at your learning objectives and decide if the ICT enhances them.

Step 3 is to look at the way you teach how can you change to incorporate an ICT.

Step 4 incorporate ICT into the learning environment.

Step 5 comer up with the disadvantages that might occur while using the ICT.

When you can satify all of these five steps then you can safely integrate you ICT into the learning environment.


Differentiated teaching and learning model


Differentiating instruction involves responding constructively to what students know. It means providing multiple learning pathways so that students can have access to the most appropriate learning opportunities appropriate with the students capacity to learn. It involves matching students’approach to learning with the most appropriate pedagogy, curriculum goals and opportunities.

The model I was given on my first day of prac outlines how to teach a successful lesson by using the following headings:

  1. I tell – you link
  2. I do – you watch
  3. We do – You help
  4. You do – I help
  5. You do – I watch
  6. We think how we went
  7. You tell – I plan.

This model helped me produce my lesson plans.

Non Teaching activities


While on my Professional Expereince I also took part in the extra curricular activities or (non teaching activities). These activities are also play a main part in being a teacher and it is something that you don’t think about when your studying. These extra activites include bus duty, playground duty, early morning choir practice, staff meetings, weekend moderation and swimming supervisor. Non teaching activities simply means the activities a teacher performs while not in a face to face lesson. These activities are important to the school as they prevent children from being hurt, run over, kidnapped or from taking part in some form of misbehaviour. And they also provide extra information about students.

The Learning PLace


The learning place is an interactive website that has been provided by the Queensland State Government for studetns in our schools. This website allows students to continue their learning at home providing them with access to relative documents associated with the national curriculum. This website also allows parents to help their children with lessons they may be having trouble with or with lessons they need to catch up on so they can keep up with the rest of the class. to enter the site all students need to do is logon with the password that their school has given to them. I think this is a great idea.

Back up plan


For any lesson that requires the use of technology you should also have some sort of idea about what you would do if the technology failed or stopped working. There is nothing worse than discovering that the web page you were going to use for your lesson is down right when you need it, or having your computer freeze in the middle of a PowerPoint presentation. You don’t have to plan a whole entire backup lesson but if you have thought through what you would do in the event of a worst case scenario you will save yourself a lot of hassle. In the end the technology is not the lesson. The technology supports the lesson. You should be capable of teaching the material the old fashioned way if everything falls apart.

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