Professional Experience Update


I am having a lovely time at my school, the students and staff are all very nice and have accepted me into their school as one of their own. I am learning so much as this is my very first prac in a school setting. I am however very tired from trying to keep up with two due assignments and lesson planning. I have discovered that eventhough I have completed most of the study required to become a teacher I still have a long way to go before I can safely say I have mastered the art of teaching, but I am detirmined to get there.


ICT Complications


After my first week of professional Experience I discovered that if an ICT doesn’t want to work then it doesn’t want to work. I had trouble with a program on you tube not loading and hence this hiccup used up valuable learning time in the clssroom.  ICTs are not infalible and are very much like humans, they are subject to the odd meltdown. so it is always a good idea to have a trusty old fashoined mouldy book on hand to take the place of an ICT when it decides it doesn’t want to join in on the proposed lesson.



Before going on my Professional Experience I had an orientation day where I met my mentor, the prinipal and other staff members without the students being present. This was great as it allowed me to familiarise myself with the school and the staff as well as learning about some of the ICTs the school has it also gave me a chance to read the schools policies and procedures and to know where all the exits are for fire drills. tomorrow I will get to meet the students and I am feeling a little nervous the staff however seem to be very friendly so i’m sure I will be OK.



Elmo is a presentation device that enables you to project anything you put in its camera’s view onto a smart board. Similar to what the old-fashioned overhead projectors used to do, but this is live, in color, and not restricted to 2-d paper or objects. I used Elmo to project a T-chart for a science unit up on the screen so students could see what they needed to do to complete their lesson. This is a great little gadget and is very easy to use all you have to do is turn it on and place a book or an object underneath it’s little eye and then view it on the screen. You can then use the pens provided with the smart board to add any comments to the picture or chart a great learning tool. Elmo

Interactive White Boards


An interactive whiteboard (IWB), is a large Interactive display that connects to a computer or laptop. A projector projects the information on the computers screen onto the board’s surface. Interactive white booadrs are used in a variety of settings including classrooms. This is the first time I have seen an IWB and I was grateful for the opportunity to use it during my Professional experience. I have heard about these new smartboards but havn’t had the oppotunity to use one. the lesson that I learnt when using the smart board was to allow it to warm up before I started to teach the class. I am very interested in trying out the other functions the IWB poseses.

Declarative and Contstructing Knowledge


I didn’t realise that their were so many different types of knowledge the two I will look at today are Declarative and Constructing Knowledge.

Declarative Knowledge is knowledge of knowing something exists fro example that parliment house is in Canberra or Sydney has an opera house. I am not sure where this type of knowledge comes from but to me it seems as if this knowledge comes from prior learning and has just been accepted as true and correct even if you havn’t visited these places. This is a very interesting topic and I would like to delve into it further. The other type of knowledge is Constructing Knowledge.

Constructing Knowledge is where students explore problems while under the guidence of their teacher. During their inquiries students then develop a new pattern of thinking. I think this type of knowledge would work well with Procedural Knowledge as the students can really get down to how things function. What do you think?